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Gynexin: An In Depth Review

Gynexin Reviews

For many men troubled with the condition of gynomastia they have turned to Gynexin. This natural herbal supplement acts to specifically target fatty accumulations around the mammary glands, reducing the appearance of breasts on the man taking the supplement.

Product Features

Gynexin is composed entirely of extracts from plant products, making it an entirely natural herbal supplement. The trademarked blend of Gynexin herbs is a major active ingredient whose components are not specifically disclosed, but the other active ingredients include these:

  • Chromium, intended to supplement the deficiency that is often found in men who have this condition. Chromium can be increased through dietary means, but its inclusion in the supplement ensures a healthy level in the bloodstream, resulting in increased energy and metabolism.


  • Guggulsterones, which (despite their odd name) are serious antioxidants derived from the sap of a guggul tree.


  • Cacao Theobromine, a derivative of the plant that also gives us chocolate, which is a natural stimulant and helps the blood vessels to function properly in draining fluids from the chest area.


  • Extract from leaves of the green tea plant, which supplement the antioxidant properties of the guggulsterones and promote the cardiovascular health that will help transport fats and fluids away from the chest.


  • Sclareolides, derived from the seeds of a sage plant, naturally increase the level of testosterone (male hormone) and decrease the level of estrogen (female hormone) in order to help reduce the appearance of breasts.



This effective combination of herbs is what makes Gynexin one of the most effective products on the market.


What Users Like About the Product

Using this product provides men with an all natural approach to reduce the appearance of breasts and return to a more manly physique.

  • Without the option provided by this product, a man might have no alternative but to undergo surgery or hormone therapy. Both of those options are expensive and carry the risk of side effects.


  • Taking the dietary supplement is a quick and easy fix for a big problem. All a man has to do is to remember his dosage, and drink sufficient water along with it. Thanks to the natural workings of the herbal compounds in the supplement, his body will do the work of getting rid of breast tissue.

No other supplement has been proven to work like this one.

What Users Don’t Like About the Product

Users of this product might wish for it to work with magical speed, but of course that cannot be expected. The body requires a little time to make such a serious change of physique, but with the help of this product that change will be in the works.


For any man suffering from the embarrassing and uncomfortable condition of gynomastia, or man boobs, Gynexin should be the first line of defense before resorting to drastic and costly measures like surgery.

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