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How To Get A Six Pack

The term “sixpack” can be used to refer to half a dozen soda or beer cans hooked together by plastic rings… Or it can be used to refer to the ridged and rippled effect of highly developed abdominal muscles, especially when there is no covering of body fat to obscure the shape.  One of the best products we have ever found for getting a six pack is Truth About Abs.

Despite its somewhat comical name, the sixpack stomach is a look that is highly coveted by bodybuilders and “regular Joes” alike. The big question for many men is how to get a sixpack set of abs.

Eating for a Sixpack

To gain a sixpack, you need to increase muscle definition, and decrease body fat. After all, you could have the most fabulous abdominal muscles ever, but even a small layer of fat could hide those muscles from view. You don’t necessarily need to lose weight, but you do want to eliminate body fat as much as you can.

Here are a few tips for changing your eating habits to help decrease your body fat:

  • Don’t miss meals. Lots of people tend to skip breakfast because they don’t feel hungry first thing in the morning, or because they don’t have time before work or school, or because they think it will help them lose weight if they eat fewer meals. Skipping a meal throws your balance of insulin and blood sugar out of whack, which can result in your body trying to store more fat instead of breaking it down. A missed meal can also leave you super-hungry when the next meal comes around, and you might end up eating more overall.


  • Later meals should be smaller meals. The later in the day a meal is scheduled, the smaller that meal should be. If you eat a huge dinner at the end of the day, then head to bed and sleep for hours, your body won’t be actively making use of that heap of calories you loaded up before bed. You will end up storing those calories as body fat instead. If you have a large meal early in the day, your body can make use of that energy for all the day’s activities.


Exercising for a Sixpack

Naturally, an important component of how to get a sixpack is developing the musculature that gives the abs their distinctive shape. For any type of weight lifting or strength training, proper form is critically important in order to avoid injury.

Sit-ups and crunches are classic abdominal exercises, and they should be used in conjunction with other strengthening exercises to fully develop the muscles. A fitness ball can be used to add a number of balance exercises and core development. Whenever you focus your workout on one set of muscles, you should pay equal attention to the “opposite” muscles that work against your focus group.

For a helpful array of eating tips, weight lifting exercises, health help, recipes training ideas, community health forum and other resources, you can visit Truth About Abs and check out the online library of articles.




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