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Proactol Review: Just The Facts


Proactol is a highly rated weight loss aid made from ingredients that are entirely natural. It has been tested by physicians and proven effective, and gets rave reviews from its slimmed-down users.

Product Features

Proactol functions by blocking the body from absorbing calories that would otherwise be stored as body fat. This allows a user to keep eating normally, without any worries that the food they take in will end up on their thighs or hips as extra fat.

At the same time, the body will be burning its stored fat to produce the necessary energy for bodily functions, so that body will start slimming down.

Here’s how it works:

  • This dietary supplement is made from pure essence of the Acai berry, a natural antioxidant that blocks calories and fat from being absorbed out of the bloodstream.
  • The natural compounds of the Acai berry are able to remove, block, and absorb more than one quarter of the fats you eat in a day when you are taking the product.
  • Taking this product can reduce your diet by about three hundred calories a day, without any additional exercise. Since the calories that are blocked are calories from fat, this is a bonus for everyone who is looking to lose weight.
  • The product has the additional effects of decreasing a user’s cravings for food, and boosting their metabolism to help burn additional calories faster.

Proactol: What Buyers Like About the Product

Proactol reviews show that buyers enjoy the fact that they can be assured of the safety of the natural plant extract ingredient, while enjoying its effects as they watch the pounds drop away.

  • Because of the boost in metabolism, a user of this product will not feel the lethargy or tiredness that sometimes results from a decrease in food consumption that often comes with dieting.
  • For those who are intent on quick weight loss, this product helps to reduce the fats and calories that are taken in when they eat, so they can burn off the stored fat in their body with exercise.
  • For those who are content with a more gradual weight loss, this product can be used to cut the fat and calories from dietary intake, and will result in weight loss even without a rigorous program of exercise.
  • Users love the fact that they can continue to eat normally. One of the biggest diet-busters can be the fact that people feel starved and constantly craving food, but that does not happen with this product.

Proactol LTD
What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

A user might wish for instantaneous and rapid weight loss without exercise, but should be aware that if they choose not to add exercise to their diet, the weight loss with this product will be more gradual. However, for those who are not exercising but do want to lose weight, this product will work over time.


Proactol is a highly recommended dietary aid, due to its safe and natural ingredients and its effective outcomes with users.


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